About Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc

Mid-Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. brings a opportunity to businesses and industries in the central Missouri area that have established substance abuse programs. You can arrange with us to come to you for on-site testing. Additional fees may apply. Equipped with modern state-of-the-art collection techniques, MMDTC, Inc. can provide human resource and safety personnel with many services related to drug testing collections. Post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol collections can be performed after hours. Additional fees may apply. A contractual arrangement with a SAMSHA (NIDA)-certified laboratory, MMDTC, Inc. can offer market-competitive packages for both sample collection and sample testing.  Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. offers employers regulated by federal workplace drug testing a full third-party administration service including consortium pools, notification of random selections, semiannual reports, and federal compliance confidence.  Collectors are Certified Professional Collectors (CPCs) as required by federal law (effective August 2001).  Mid Missouri Drug Collections, Inc. offers employers market-competitive testing packages designed to ensure that companies will remain compliant with all federal and state requirements. Our pledge is to offer these services in a professional but “user friendly” environment. Our staff is always available to answer your concerns and questions about drug and alcohol testing.

Getting to know Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc

Mid-Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. started in March 2000 as a mobile service offering drug and alcohol collections to employers in the state of Missouri. Since its inception, we have expanded our services to include a full package of substance abuse management programs. Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. can now offer comprehensive services to businesses and employers statewide and we can schedule a test near your employee in all fifty states with collection site agreements throughout the entire state of Missouri.  Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc will become your one stop shop for pre-employment needs. We will work with you and to answer questions and develop a comprehensive drug screen program no matter how small or how large. Once you have signed the contract with Mid-Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc we will design a program specific to your needs. After that, you will simply need to provide a list of employees for the Random List to get stated with the consortium and keep that roster current.

For each new employee that you decide to hire, you will need to send us the information for the background check, which is in the link below, the start date, and if the employee needs a DOT physical, so we can get that scheduled on their behalf. Once we have that information we will bring the background check, ensure the driver is cleared through the FMCSA Clearinghouse, schedule the physical and let you know when to have your driver come to the clinic for the drug screen. Afterwards, we will have received the results from the drug screen and background check along with the Clearinghouse results and provide you with the information necessary for your new employee.  The great thing about all of that is you will have one convenient invoice to pay at the end of the month the show the exact cost as promised when you signed up.