Laboratory Tests Urine

  • DOT Drug Test (Federal)
  • nonDOT Drug Test (non-Federal)

offering 4-Panel, 5-Panel, 7-Panel, 8-Panel, 9-Panel, 10-Panel, 14-Panel

Laboratory Tests Oral

  • 5 Panel

Quick Tests, meaning the results are provided on the spot.

  • nonDOT (non-Federal)

Offering 5-Panel, 9-Panel, 10-Panel

Hair Tests

  • 5-Panel Hair Test, which can detect drug usage from the past 90 days
  • 17 sub categories
  • Other ala carte options

Alcohol tests

  • Breath alcohol
  • Saliva swab test

On-site testing

You can arrange with us to come to you for on-site testing. Additional fees may apply.


Schedule a training for your leaders to equip them to identify reasonable suspicion behavior and procedures to follow.

Consortium Services

Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. offers DOT Compliant Drug and Alcohol testing consortium.  We will design your Consortium to meet your company’s specific needs. Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. will proudly serve as a consortium/third party administrator which manages the entire DOT approved Consortium for DOT regulated companies and DOT covered safety sensitive employees. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict regulations requiring companies and independent operators (Commercial Driver License holders) be a member of a DOT drug and alcohol consortium – failure to comply with those regulations can result in significate fines and other DOT sanctions.  Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. will ensure compliance with all DOT regulations and provide you excellent customer service.

Annual Consortium memberships are priced according to your number of employees and drivers.

Consortium Cost per Year:
1-3 DOT drivers – no cost
4-10 DOT drivers or safety sensitive employees  – $35.00
11-50 DOT drivers or safety sensitive employees – $50.00
51-75 DOT drivers or safety sensitive employees – $75.00
75 or more DOT drivers or safety sensitive employees – $100

Background Checks

This is the newest service offered by Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. this will assist your company in the hiring the right candidates saving you time and money by just having one company handling your background screening and pre-employment drug testing needs.

A background check is a secure and comprehensive process that can be used to gather information about your potential employee’s personal, professional, and even their financial history.  The information collected can be used in your company’s decision-making process to guarantee that the candidate provided accurate information. Making the correct decision is the first step to ensure workplace safety, protecting your company’s reputation and complying with legal and regulations.

Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. has partnered with America’s top background companies ensure you that the results are true and accurate in an industry speed. MMDTC, Inc. is using an ala carte method to ensure you are paying for what services your company requested.


Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. will provide you information regarding your perspective employee’s status in the clearing house. In addition, we help your company stay current in all clearinghouse needs.

Electronic Chain of Custody

MMDTC has partnered as an authorized vendor utilizing Electronic Custody and Control solutions providing excellent services using FormFox and EScreen123.

Offering DOT testing, non-DOT tests – where you can pick the type of test you need, breathe alcohol tests, and hair testing.  Utilizing your drug test needs through any of the above services you can rest assured that your employees will have their test completed by a trained and certified collector.