Why is Drug Testing Important

Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections Inc. will help you design a plan to keep your workplace safe, a place to where current and future employees will have confidence and the desire to want to work for your company because they will know that it is a safe place to work.  Together, we create a Drug and Alcohol plan that meets your needs, your budget, and industry requirements.

Offering Pre-employment – This is the test where it all begins in creating the safe working environment that many owners and employees want.  Keeping in mind that each state may have certain laws or requirements in place, we will assist you in making sure your plan is compliant and worth the cost.  This is typically done once you narrow down your top candidates.

Offering Random – These are test performed unannounced on your employees, but it is in place to keep all your employees safe and provides them with the confidence that the person next to them is not under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol.  When you utilize our company’s consortium services those Random drug and alcohol tests will be selected by a computer ensuring that your company’s tests performed correctly and without prejudice. This tool will keep your company compliant among any industry and provide a better work environment to all.

Reasonable Suspicion – The employers may be confused about this test and when to use it.  Our staff will help you through this process as we will be there with you when you are concerned of a reasonable suspicion.  Your supervisors will be equipped with the correct training and know how to identify when to use this test. As our client, we can have in-person or online training to help identify the right times to use this probable cause test and what types of tests we offer.  This test boosts the confidence of any employee that is in a safety orientated position – knowing the other around him or her are not impaired making them having confidence in your company.

Post-Accident Testing – This is an important type of test that we offer to our customers and is only performed once something happens while an employee is at work, on the road, or any other place where that employee is representing your company.  We understand this test could prevent your company from being in harm’s way and many legal situations.   Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. understands time is of essence in this matter in determining if any drugs and/or alcohol played in part of accident no matter how large or small of the incident we will be there to assistant through our clinic or through our network of clinics across the country.   We will help you determine what type of test is needed and make the administration of the test in a way that keeps your employee’s privacy and protecting your assets in mind.

Return to Duty and Follow UP tests – We understand that you have made an investment in your employees and how much it cost to hire and train new employees.  These tests are there to ensure that your employees have had a positive drug test and any of the above drug screen or alcohol test, but your company feels that they are a valued employee.  These tests are designed as a series of scheduled tests after the employee goes through his/her substance misuse treatment plan with the local SAP and provide a way for your employee to return to the workplace.  There are only three reasons for this series of tests which include: a positive drug test result, a violation of company drug rule, or violation of a company alcohol rule set forth. This type of test can be completed by a DOT employee or non-DOT employee.

Training – Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. has decades of experience in drug testing and is willing to share some of the knowledge to your company, your supervisors, and even your employees.  We offer in person or online options – please contact us with what it important for you and we will provide you a tailored packaged to meet your needs.

Together Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. and you can implement a reasonable solution that encourages unity, a safer workplace with less accidents, your hiring pool of candidates will increase, and your business will be following all local state and federal guidelines. To learn more please click the link below